Creative Kids Ibiza

Creative learning for your extraordinary kid.

Contact Cila on +34 693 107 479 or email:

Every child is unique and deserves individual attention to develop his or her:

  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Communication

Creative Kids Ibiza offers creative writing, literacy enhancement and tutoring tailored to your child’s development stage, learning style, energy and personality.

Early years: ages 0-3. Introduction to reading and writing: read-aloud, storytelling and guided play to rapidly develop literacy and language capabilities.

Enrichment: ages 3-16. Project-based reading and writing skills development to cultivate your child’s creativity; build confidence; and boost reading, writing and language skills.

Excellence: ages 8-16. Creative writing, tutoring and enhanced literacy workshops to promote positive study habits and support specific academic or personal goals.

  • We work in your home to ensure a secure, familiar environment for optimum learning.
    A parent or guardian must be present.
  • Tuition is available for individuals, siblings and small groups of up to four.

Contact Cila on +34 693 107 479 or email:


Creative Kids Ibiza operates from the simple premise that children are people too. Adults don’t thrive on being herded around in groups and forced to do repetitive tasks – why should children?

Education should be stimulating and intrinsically rewarding but most kids associate it with boredom and irrelevant facts. When school is their only experience of learning many kids can’t wait to do something else.

Creative Kids Ibiza breaks through boredom and disinterest by working with kids individually or in small groups. Learning is immediate, interactive, and innate. Children develop creativity, confidence, critical thinking and communication skills, and rediscover the joy of learning.

My experience includes:
University of Pennsylvania, Writing Advisor
University of Strathclyde, Study Skills & Access to Higher Education Mentor
Boys & Girls Club of America, Literacy Tutor
University of Glasgow, Academic Writing Tutor


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