About CW

Creative Writing Ibiza is the brainchild of Cila Warncke.

Cila Warncke


Born and raised in Oregon, Cila began her journey as a writer age 9 when – inspired by the classic children’s novel Harriet The Spy – she began recording the details of everyday life in a spiral-bound notebook. From there she has followed her vocation through fields including music journalism, editing, travel writing, tutoring, copywriting, criticism, reporting, and fiction writing.

Educated at University of Pennsylvania, King’s College London and University of Glasgow, she holds a BA (2001) in English Literature & Creative Non-Fiction Writing and a Master of Letters (2011) in Creative Writing.

Her recent publications include fiction in Home Tomorrow, poetry in From Glasgow to Saturn, book reviews for The Kelvingrove Review and Feminista. She blogs on social and cultural issues at Irresponsibility, and writes a media column for London-based alternative news monthly Snipe. A selection of her writing is posted at Cila Warncke.


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