About Ibiza

A pine-scented island set in the middle of the turquoise Mediterranean, Ibiza combines stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and a deliciously laid-back way of life. Everyone from the ancient Greeks to modern clubbers have invaded the island over the years, trying to get a foothold on this little slice of paradise. When you visit, you’ll understand why.

Cala Sant Vicent, Ibiza

Creative Writing Ibiza’s Residential Retreats take you into the historic heart of Ibiza (far from the tourist traps and cheesy bars) and shows you the true colours of an island that has been home to writers, artists and musicians for over a century. Cormac McCarthy, who settled in Ibiza to work on his novel Outer Dark, is just one of many authors who sought and found inspiration on Ibiza.

Each Creative Writing Ibiza Residential Retreat includes guided tours to Ibiza landmarks including ancient watchtowers, its fortified old town Dalt Vila, and secluded beaches surrounded by strippled seas.

Read about the undiscovered Ibiza in Real Travel.

Sa Caleta

Poppies near Ses Salinas


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