August Ibiza Writing Challenge

August is the cruelest month in Ibiza.

We’ve had six weeks of dense heat, denser tourists and traffic approaching black hole levels. And that’s just the preview. August is a forced march of irritable, exhausted, strung-out workers, slowly broiling as they scramble to make enough money in four weeks to last for four months.

I dread it.

But August is a brief tax levied the crazy privilege of living the other 48 weeks of the year on an island whose beauty and character astound me. So, instead of bitching or, perhaps more accurately, in addition to bitching, I’ve given myself a writing challenge:

Blog an inspiring quote and Ibiza photo each day in August.

That’s 31 days of life-affirming wisdom and spectacular natural beauty. Sounds a lot better than supermarket queues and traffic jams.

Follow Creative Writing Ibiza on email, or @CilaWarncke on Twitter to get every single quote!

Share your favourite “keeping cool” quote in the comments.



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