Five Step Guide to Writing Non-Fiction

You can write a book. Just five steps are required to craft a non-fiction book and, in the coming weeks, I’ll take you through each step in detail. If you read and apply this information you can write a book. It’s easy, like losing weight through exercise and sensible eating is easy — the principle is blood-simple but you have to do the work.

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This five-step plan is based on my experience writing Vine Lives: Oregon Wine Pioneers, a travel-guide-cum-social-history of Oregon’s thriving wine industry. I’ll take you through the entire process from the seed of the idea to final edit.

The guide covers:

1. Choosing Your Topic
2. Planning & Research
3. Organising Your Material
4. Writing
5. Editing

Each article will include examples, action points, and inspirational quotes to get you going.

Don’t just read these blogs. Use them as a guide and inspiration to begin your own book.
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Stay tuned for bonus tips on finding your writing rhythm, marketing and more.

Coming next week: Step One – Choose Your Topic



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