1000 Ways to Write

There are a thousand ways to write, and each is as good as the other, if it fits you. ~Lillian Hellman
It troubles me from time to time that after 15-odd years as a professional writer I don’t fit in a neat category. Am I a journalist? Literary writer? Freelance hack? Blogger? Critic?

In just this past week my work has included researching and writing a script for a business consulting session, polishing my novel, blogging for diverse clients, outlining a new novel, updating a client’s bio and — most difficult — composing condolences to friends who have recently lost loved ones.

A writer like this is either A) a hopeless dilettante or B) exercising an unusually broad range of writing disciplines.

I could make a case for either but, in the circumstances, I’m going to go with B. If you’re a fellow project-juggler, multi-tasker, do-what-it-takes-to-get-byer I suggest you do to! Let’s celebrate all we do as writers and remember that any writing, done well, communicates and illuminates. So whatever you do, do it with pride.

You Write! Jump on the comments and share some of the ways you write.


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