The Best Article Writing Tip in the World, Ever

I’m reading William Zinsser’s Writing About Your Life and this is too good to not share. No matter what your subject, where you are in your journey, or what you hope to achieve, you’ll do well to heed this example:

never give up

I’ve never spent any time moping about rejection. When one of my articles comes back with a note saying “I’m afraid it isn’t quite right for us,” or “It doesn’t quite suit our needs at the moment,” I don’t shake my fist at the editor for not recognizing the jewel he was offered. I type a new covering letter and get my article back in the mailbox by noon. Again: don’t weaken yourself with negative energy. If you’re a writer you’ll need all the positive energy you can generate.

Thanks to email, we don’t even have to re-type cover letters or walk to the mailbox, so there is really no excuse to not keep trying.

You write! Have you turned rejection into triumph? Share your story in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Best Article Writing Tip in the World, Ever

  1. Love that quote! And William Zinsser is a great writer. I had to read one of his books for a journalism class this year. Yeah, rejection really sucks but what can you do but move on? I feel sad about a rejection for about 10 seconds before I shake it off and forget about it. In this profession you have to be persistent in your belief that you’ll succeed! 🙂

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