Creative Writing Ibiza in IbiCasa Magazine

Creative Writing Ibiza aims to contribute to Ibiza’s reading and writing culture in every way possible.
That includes writing for local publications like IbiCasa. This free quarterly glossy is a familiar sight on the island and focuses on real estate and business news, lifestyle, and holistic wellness. Two of my articles are in the current edition. If you’re lucky enough to be in Ibiza grab yourself a copy!

If you’re not, accept my condolences and follow the links below to read the full stories online.

How to Create a Good Business Website

A good website is as vital to growing your business as stock on your shelves and a sign above the shop door. In this era of near-universal smartphone usage the web is the first place people search for products and services; it is also where they go to compare prices, locate a shop, check opening hours, or ask questions. Without a website even the most successful business is invisible to a huge swathe of its potential customers, and is missing out on a chance to enhance its sales, reputation and credibility. Whether you are a freelance pet groomer, a musician, a retail owner, or president of a major corporation, a strong website is a business necessity.

Gluten-Free Living

You may have noticed the ‘sin gluten’ (‘no gluten’) stamp on foods in the supermarket and wondered what it means. Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including varieties like spelt and kamut), rye and barley, and any product derived from these grains. Formed of long chains of molecules, gluten is what gives bread its characteristic chewy texture. Its ability to impart body and elasticity mean that gluten-containing products such as wheat flour are used as thickeners and additives in many soups, sauces and dressings. As a result the average diet is packed with gluten. If you have toast for breakfast; a sandwich for lunch; biscuits with your afternoon coffee; a stir-fry with noodles and a beer for dinner, you’ve eaten gluten at every single meal. Unfortunately our digestive systems are not adapted to process gluten and it can cause a number of serious health conditions.


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