Creative Writing Ibiza Goes Offline

Should Creative Writing Ibiza go analogue? I’ve asked myself this numerous times over the past few months, weighed the pros and cons.

Pros: No Twitter/Facebook/YouTube
Cons: See above. Also, no instant access to Google, Word Reference, or any of a million and other one sites we creative types might need for our research.

If I’m honest, however, it’s more lack of email than lack of OED that weighs on my mind. That being the case, I’ve decided to cut the power cable, leave my trust laptop at home, and establish CWI as an unwired retreat. It is only a few days, out of 365. Having the internet incessantly at our fingertips may be habitual, even rewarding, but if mere connectivity made us better writers we would all be literary superstars by now.

So we’re off for an old-fashioned retreat where inspiration will be drawn from books and creativity will be expressed with pen and paper. Any burning questions can always be scribbled down and fed into the maw of Google later.


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